Coach Tim

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致力將「耶穌的故事」帶進人群,教練別人重寫人生故事。 Tim’s mission statement is to inspire and coach university students and business leaders to seek and rely on God in order to experience joy and transformation.

Coach Tim is an accredited Coach of the International Coach Federation (ICF-PCC) and an IECL Certified Executive Coach. He was a registered nurse in Hong Kong. He is also a certified practitioner of tools like MBTI®, EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360, Prepare-Enrich®. He worked as a regional executive in HKCCC, coaching universities students and business leaders. He finished his master degree in Dallas Theological Seminary. He has more than 19 years of experience in innovation, leadership development and team building. Thousands of people are trained and influenced by Tim. Tim is passionate about journeying with young people and listening to them. He is married & has two sons.

Now, Tim intentionally inspires and coaches university students and business leaders in Canada, helping international students and immigrants, to live a life of purpose, significance and impact. Tim believes, "Win the Campus, Reach Up Leaders, Change the World".