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名字,既代表別人對你的印象,也代表他者與我兩人的關係互動。 家人會叫我們的乳名、朋輩會叫我們的花名、摯愛會叫我們的暱稱⋯⋯ 期待透過交流認識「你」與「我」的名字。 啊!忘了介紹,我叫魏文俊,通常都會叫我Ben。至於其他名字,大家有機會再發掘。^^

Rejoice when knowing Christ: The new value system as heaven citizen (Philippians 3:10-11)

"On the contrary, repented and turned by the Damascus-road experience, the story of Paul intervened by the story of Christ. This resulted Paul deliberately wrote the letter to the Philippian Church, attempting to reveal his story to them."