Part 4: What is the implication?

After all, we could find that Phil 3:10-11 enclosed the paradigm of Christ’s suffering link to the new insight on the expectation of “resurrection” would not be in the but already started in age. These two verses would just like a window to let us to see the Paul’s transformed story himself as well as the Story of Christ through the resonance. This help us to see how the past, and expected future link to Jesus Christ’s story in the way of diachronic sequence in salvific history as well as the nesting with echo in synchronic meaning. For the latter, it would be most powerful in understanding how thoughts, beliefs and theology could be developed through analyzing the stacking of temporal structure of different narratives. Particularly by adopting “Narrative Theory” of Ricoeur, we could realize stereoscopically how Christ’s story impact Paul and conform Paul’s eschatological hope which in turn conform the theology of Paul in contemporary practice, as well as our practice of today with insight.

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